• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

This Pain

Updated: May 16, 2018

You said you would always be mine regardless of time and then you put me out like fire

showing me what it means to be a liar

staring at me with dark eyes

as if I'm just another star in the night sky to love unconditionally, I realize is a challenge but a circle is without an end

and those shapes are what make us all you could do was break us apart

putting a bullet in my heart doing your best to tear me apart now you sit on your high horse without even noticing what a mess you've created sometimes you're just so jaded unaware of what is right in front of you and how rare it is to find a love that is this true my love how could you deceive me? I'm patient enough to s e e

...if you would've just given me that chance to hold you while you play out this dance it's hard sometimes I'm not denying that things can often rise to the surface

creating a series of thoughts that you cant seem to distinguish but they aren't always true not like me and you the connection is there and I've given you my heart to bare Isn't that enough? I hate to waste my breath on something that feels like a test but these words are pouring out of me like rain from a cloud that can't help but be loud

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