• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

This Life Of Mine

“This life of mine, so crisp & divine. I’m riding this high .. Parts soon to die... It’s alright though .. I’m keepin my eyes closed. Third eye open, shedding what is broken.. Are you feelin my vibe?. I see you, rainbow tribe. Do me a favor, don’t hide...

The world needs us. As they tremble in fear,

we can help shed their tears. Alchemists we are, from that purple star. Here to bring about a special kind of change..

Sometimes it feels like a maze.. But I’m here now with you, showing you what is true. We can do this, as long as we stay ruthless. Amongst the suffering & pain comes the dawn of a new day. So don’t dismay, source is with us, all the way. Pleadians dropping love tokens all around.. giving us the key to what has longed to be found. SO feel the ground & use your sound...

to inspire the ones who are too blind to see.. That they are you & you are me.. Lose the sour taste, harness that power

& don’t waste... another moment,

in our holographic reality... sip your cup of tea.. & smile..

because we are the chosen,

here to take back what was stolen.”

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