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The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands November 27th 2013 ✵✶✵✶✵✶✵✵✶✵✶✵✶✵✵✶✵✶✵✶✵

Unexpected lessons

✵✶✵✶✵✶✵✵✶✵✶ The opportunity I was given to witness true beauty, unsuspecting to see it in the ways I did. Taking a seven day cruise through the Caribbean for a week seemed like a pretty nice way to spend a thanksgiving considering that I am unable to be with my family. On our first island stop we arrived in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Magnificent, I must say, looking around as I walk off this giant boat I'd been calling home the last couple of days. The lay outs of the island remind me of something you'd imagine when describing Greece, there were moments where you didn't know whether to be amazed or frightened by the driving, which was on the wrong side of the road! Naturally, I was drawn to the downtown part of the city, intrigued by what they would have to offer. An array of shops and tax free things available for purchase, can't get much better then that! We met all kinds of people from all over the world, all with an amazing peace of mind about them because they were all there for the same purpose, to explore, to have adventure. As we were enjoying this amazing sun, checking out the map of the island, it randomly started raining out of nowhere. Laughing, we started to run to find a restaurant in an attempt to some add alcohol to this excitement. We sat at the bar and noticed a nice man sitting on a bar stool alone, just having a beer. We asked him what his name was, of course curious about him! His sweet British accent was happy to talk with us, he smiled and told us his name was Andrew. He told us that he was traveling on a different cruise that was island hopping as well. We asked him where his family was for this excursion, he looked at us kindly with a smile and said, “I came on this vacation alone, i've been traveling as much as possible, spending all of my money.” I thought he was absolutely hilarious. Until he explained that he had been diagnosed with cancer last year and found out that it was terminal. He said that he had never been married, nor had any children. He worked really hard for 44 straight years and decided he wanted to spend his remaining time seeing the world. His glow truly enchanted me, even after everything he'd been through he was still incredibly positive. Many people in a position like that start to look for people to blame, and spend a majority of their time left miserable. I find it admirable that he was doing what made him happy for the time he had left. The rain started to simmer and the sun was shining again, so we decided to make our way to the top of a mountain to get a true view of where we actually were. We made our way to the top after taking an incredibly scary bus ride, and the view was absolutely beautiful. I felt blessed for even being able to witness it. Everyone had been telling us about this incredible beach we needed to see called Megan Bay. We took a 15 minute tax ride through crazy mountain roads and arrived at a little hidden treasure. The water was so tame and crystal blue. The surrounding islands had houses all around but no actual visuals of any roads, it looked as if the houses were popping out of the trees. The water was so warm and comfortable enough to lay in. We played in it for over an hour, when suddenly out of no where it started pouring down rain again. I was standing in the middle of the ocean during an intense rain storm. The ocean water actually felt warm and comforting compared to the rain coming down. I hurried to get out and cover up our stuff, as I turned back around peering at the water I noticed all of the other people rushing out to get shelter..........except this one woman standing in the ocean

her arms up in the air, swaying back and forth painting a heavenly smile on her face.

It seemed like I was in a dream of some sort as she stood there openly laughing in pure joy, diving into the water then out again, continuously spinning in circles, closing her eyes just enough to take it all in. Her graceful bliss was so unbelievably admirable and she looked as free as a bird, loving life for all it was giving her. You could tell that she appreciated the serenity surrounding her, and at that exact moment without knowing it, she inspired me to jump back in the water. I wanted to feel what she was feeling. Her unwillingness to give-in to what she “should” be doing made me want to do the same. This moment for me was true and utter peace, not just because of what was around me......

because I was able to allow myself to give-in and feel that INNER freedom. …thanks to that beautiful lady in the ocean, dancing in the rain.

✵✶✵✶✵✶✵✵✶✵✶✵✶✵✵✶✵✶✵✶✵✵✶✵✶✵✶✵✵✶✵✶✵✶✵ “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”-BM

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