• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

The Mystery

Oh, what a beautiful mystery,

we all know it

Our scars show it

This human thing,

It feels slightly

As if I’m in a game

without directions on how to play.

it’s like, I have this remote

brightly colored

And it seems familiar

I think I’m the one controlling it...

I’m certain I’m the one that fuels her.

Indeed at times, it feels unclean

Most of us wish to be seen

For our highest & brightest light

Holding on to these roots really tight

Until we shed this skin

& take flight once again

So much compassion I feel

It takes strength to heal

But I’m here, I’m showing up

For the work that needs to be done

One by one

We are walking ourselves back home

No longer do we have to do this alone

Spirit is with us

She comes thru in our breath

She holds us in birth & in death

She wants us to know that we are loved

Oh dear ones, we are so loved...

It takes stamina to walk this path

& warriors we are for choosing this wrath

My loves, Do the math

Find out what rings true

For you...

Follow the flow

That’s when you’ll know

Where to go...

Through the highs and lows...

Shoulders back, heart forward

Speak from your core and you will be heard.

Together we unite as one

To serve in the light until it is done.

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