• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

The heart

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

The heart

it's in a constant transition between different worlds

sometimes the uneasiness is all we can feel

the pain is real but the memories are just stories

we tell ourselves in order to make sense

of whatever this is

as we begin to shift,

the chaos arounds us starts to rise like the tide forcing us to face all of our darkest parts

it can be so hard

but I'm here to tell you that there truly is a force within you

and when you allow it to guide the way

you'll begin to see the change

and everything you have ever dreamed of will be brought to light

yes, parts of you will die

but this process creates space for it to all flow

and for you to grow

so my friend...

just know....

that healing isn't linear,

it's a labyrinth filled with different circumstances

do your best to dance through it

and remember

once you've stepped into it

that is when your story really begins.

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