• Trinity Michelle Anastasia


My tears

my tears are my reminders,

every morning, my body tells me it remembers

I can still feel his skin

it sounds like a violin

so sweet to my ears

despite all of my fears

this is teaching me to become whole

and to let go of control

there were so many promises made

yet I can feel them start to fade

these cracks inside of my heart

are breaking me apart

so that the light can come in

& purify me once again

dearest divine this is my prayer

help me let go of despair

show me through this pain

break this chain

guide me towards a new start

my life is a magical work of art

I'm grateful you know

that I will continue to grow

I thank you, my creator,

for pointing me towards something greater

and even though at times I may seem lost in my grief

I still carry an embed belief

that there is something more for me to see

so that I may become truly free

dont give up on me

I'm still pushing in the direction of my dreams

following the streams of consciousness

back towards you.

I do love you, it's true.


your canoe.

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