• Trinity Michelle Anastasia


“Senses” by poet: Trinity Sees Unity

These unsettling sensations

Time to face them ...

I feel a rumble inside.

No reason to hide,

it’s safe to explore my emotional side.

Inner eye, before I burst,

who is first within this madness?

I'll start with sadness...

She’s an old friend.

I ponder her teachings,

as the water pours down my face.

Purifying me for clearer eyes to see.

I surrender, let go & allow it to be.

chow for now,

until we meet again...

The exploration continues,

let’s see who’s up next..

Anger loudly steps in

& my resistance comes to an end.

What a sassy energy you are,

guiding me to uncover an even deep scar.

It’s your protection

that's gotten me this far.

Thank you for your fire & passion,

it’s time to unfasten your grip.

Let us flip the script &

channel our intention.


wait, I have something to mention...”

anger replies.

“Grief is another name I go by…

for when you cry, I am there.

Together we share in this pain, doing so in a way that does not involve blame.”

I honor this truth as I move onto shame,

“What are some of your names?”- I ask.

A gentle response sings from a room

inside my womb…

Shame speaks,

“you can also refer to me as guilt…

a condition that's been spilt onto you throughout many lifetimes.

Dear child, I am not your burden to hold,

no matter what you’ve been told.

Deep down you are gold.”

Clarity comes to tell me

I’ve done nothing wrong

& I’ve been worthy all along.

For the only true judge is me,

that is.. if I choose to be...

What if I let go of worry

& allow intuition to speak?

A new path may

unfold as I follow her lead.

The wisdom she offers comes from a deep knowing, that I am human & I am growing.

As I make peace & honor my wounds,

I witness their teachings,

I see no reason to suppress my feelings.

These are gifts from within.

I’ve learned to hold space

without identifying with them

& now I get to be reborn again.

Maybe fear is just the absence of love

searching for itself in the void of the unknown.

In this process, contrast is shown.

Inhale peace,

exhale gratitude.

A final message I hear,

“Oh my dear, see yourself as I see you.

For we are one & the same,

the god with many names.

I do not play games or

wish for you to be confused.

I am the truth.

There's nothing you need to do to prove yourself worthy of my grace.


go to that sacred space inside

& find me where your inner-child resides.

Heres the key, now set yourself free.”

A warm feeling of resonance

brushes over my body.

Everything must come to the surface.

Time to do myself a service & go within...

I bow my head, tuck my chin & begin.

Whatever arises I choose to

LOVE that.

Uncovering the shadow,

finding that underneath

it are the gifts of my spirit.

It is through these shifts

I now truly see...

I am a sovereign being,

forming my own destiny.

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