• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

Just sitting on a train

Look around... What do you see? six people... three on each side of this small train-cart… Staring all at the same thing… Yet each of these things is oddly different… What is it you ask, that they are all staring at? Their own images of comfortability... how much easier is it to look down at a screen? Rather then taking the time to look at a person and make some minuscule of an awkward conversation? What do you enjoy more?  Comfortability or fear? I know your answer. Because I know what my basic instinct of an answer is. So I'd like you to do me this one small favor But really... this favor isn't truly for me... It's mainly for you. You take what you want from my words.. but please... The next time you see your self in that type of a situation..… Cause I know you will... .. I challenge you... to take your eyes off of whatever is glamouring your attention at that moment... & look at the people doing the same thing you are ….all around you, …. Then look down at your hand... in your mind you are just an eminent object, right? Well, guess what..  ...you're not If this is the only life that we are given...  What are the things you want to remember? I know It wont be staring down at a screen on a train for two hours each day... I do know WHAT it really COULD be.... that crazy funny story you heard from that guy who had an INSANE russian accent.. … That obviously lost woman needing help.... who looks like she probably has a deadline she needs to make... That devious looking young man with head phones in.... holding a skateboard... with a complete sense of purpose in life that you may even slightly admire... or is maybe that guy you met who was in town for one week working on an international television show?... it just might even be that doctor that happened to have saved a life that day. Who in this world do you want to learn from before you die? What in this world do you want to remember? The choice is yours..I just wanted to make more obvious to you..in my words. Sincerely,

One of you.

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