• Trinity Michelle Anastasia


Updated: Nov 7, 2018


Contemplation of this life

and our unified vibration.

senses heightened

often feeling frightened.

Is this a gift?

Or am I just lost in this silence?


of all of my previous patterns

Excuse my strange manners

but my mind is a bit scattered


an infusion of all new perspectives

my lively receptors

open me up to an orchestra of mentors.

Are you listening?

My heart is glistening

golden light surrounds me

sharing the secrets of this chemistry


Is this really me?

Or am I but a blip in this matrix of insanity?

The inevitability of this death in me

..and the void that awaits

bringing us back to the symphony.

Within me

there is divinity,

asking so humbly

if you could try to R e m e m b e r me.

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