• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

How did I get here?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Magnetic electricity, I feel

theres so much I cant understand

yet I trust the land

where we both reside

It's home

yet so much to me is unknown

this is beyond the mind

and with time

these surges of light

will help us take flight

somehow I know you beyond this spacial existence

Im sorry if I seem timid

but like the fox, I remain curious

The road map is within the heart

It's like a work of art giving us the keys

to see past our unease

and trust that bigger things are working in our favor

It hurts me to ever imagining someone harming you

I want to protect your innocence

it emanates a certain elegance

so gentle and kind

here to remind all of us

that theres more then meets the eye

hold on to this part of you

and ill wait for the subtle cue

that your higher self gives me

knowing that it can foresee

any road blocks we may encounter along the way

I'm excited for that day.

So I ask you this one thing

please be careful with me,

there are still broken parts

that I'm working to clean

I just yearn to be truly s e e n

for the goddess that's igniting within my soul

assisting me to become whole

but for now I am fragile

and do not have room for the unstable tendencies of man.

Just give me your hand,

and I will be able to withstand

all of this.

I end this poem with an energetic kiss,

landing right on your third eye

until next time


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