• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

Ethereal Realms

Everything is connected, each element of nature coincides within all of the kingdoms. But there is also another layer to all of this. On one level we have the material plane that we perceive to be a three or four dimensional reality and on another level we have the spirit and etherial realm. There are spirits that manifest within each kingdom and element, these magical beings inhabit the outer dimensions but are still protecting our planet. Going back to the concept that everything is just vibrating energy, these different entities are also vibrating energy but many cannot see them because they are etherial energy that is operating in a higher or completely different dimension. This can make it seem as though they are invisible to the human eye. It is however, possible to see them as we evolve our consciousness and awaken our pineal gland. This information may seem a little abstract at first, however the very first step is opening your mind up to the possibility that this exists. By you just taking this one step, you have already given this realm permission to guide you. Most of these beings are harmless, but they can be sensitive towards us for the negative things we have done to earth. This reason alone is why many cannot see them. As we learn to work with nature rather then against it, the veil will will slowly lift and all of the magic within the etherial realm will become clear to us. Within the element of earth resides the plant kingdom and within the realm of this kingdom we have nature spirits which are composed of etherial matter. There job is to build and care for the plant kingdom working together with deva and elemental energies. Pan, is presumed to be a god of the nature spirits and is depicted as half man and half goat. Fairies, Pixies and Gnomes are also spirits that draw energy from the element of earth and plant realm. The more we get acquainted with these beings in particular, the more they will work with and present themselves to us. Children in particular often say they experience sightings of these spirits, this is because children are still innocent and have not been jaded by the years of programming. Adults as well can often start to wake up to this gift. They often see these beings as different orbs or shadows. If you are someone who is frequently working in the garden, you'd better believe there is fairy energy near you. There home is often amongst the flowers. As you venture more into nature and explore jungles and forests, this is when you may sense the energy of a Gnome. They typically live amongst the trees or even near water. If you have a sudden intuitive nudge to protect a natural forest or body of land, this is the energy of the Gnomes guiding you to help stand up for our sacred mother. Within the realm of dragonflies and hummingbirds lives the pixies. They are a much smaller entity that would seem to look similar to a fairy, however they are much more mischievous and quick on their feet, or should I say wings? All of these elemental beings have a special connection with the mineral kingdom as well, if you ask, they will guide you to use certain crystals in your home and garden. Going back to plant kingdom, it's important to recognize that plants also each have a spirit of their own. They are carefully designed to align within the divine order of creation. In another section, I will elaborate in further detail about some of the most important plant spirits and the wisdom that pertains to their energy. Behind the forces of nature is where the spiritual ascended masters called Devas live. Deva in Sanskrit translates to body of light. These light beings hold cellular blue prints and genetic codes for a plant in their memories. Without them, none of this experience would exist, they are the glue that holds the construct of manifestation together. Just the same as the angelic realm, devas are the bridge between the spirit and physical world. The tether between form and formless. In a sense, the devas oversee all of the other elemental and nature spirits. While the devas pass the blueprints to the nature spirits, who in turn structure the form from raw materials provided by the elementals, the faeries give direction and guidance to the nature spirits. . The faeries are governed by the elementals, who manage earth, water, fire and air. Devic communities do not have a hierarchy, but a society where they are learning to evolve together. Each of them carries special gifts and abilities. They have all been here long before humans walked the earth therefore we should honor them and seek the wondrous knowledge they offer. The element of water is the source of life that nourishes all kingdoms. Within the etherial realm of this element exists a series of magical beings know as Undies, who are responsible for the composition of water. They exist within the water itself which is why they can seem invisible to the naked eye. Necksa is the god-like deity who oversees all of the Undies. If you were to see one of these water elementals, you would be marvel at their alluring and elegant beauty. Within the flow of water, they are seen to be riding within the waves of the ocean and dancing throughout rocky pools and everglades. They have a tantalizing iridescent glimmer about them which shines through the colors of the sea. They are emotional beings, very loving and willing to serve humanity. The image of the mermaid stems from the knowledge of these spirits. Undines take care of the plants that grow under water, assisting in the ecosystem which provides life within this element. You would find the undine energy within all bodies of water, from rivers to lakes, to the ocean and amongst waterfalls and fountains. The body of water you are observing or working will have it's own class of undines that reside there. Nymphs or naiads inhabit fountains, wells, springs ponds and lakes. Oeanids or mermaids reside within the sea and can be found amongst oceanic coral. The smaller undine spirits are often mistaken for faeries because they appear to have wings. They often reside underneath Lilly pads and near flowers that grow next to water. The powerful element of fire assists in the transmutation of energy itself. Fire like most of the elements works with an array of realms, etherial, metaphysical, astral and higher planes. Their tasks pull from the fire archetypes from within the sun, within the earth and expresses itself within the atmosphere. The devic and angelic realm works with the fires of creation itself, bringing its essence down through the different dimensions. They are not specifically related to fire but their use of this element is an important aspect of soul creation. The smaller spirits of fire work with activating etheric and astral substance and their work is binary. They strengthen the etheric field in order to make it more receptive to the astral realm. There work in increasing the density lays down the structure for the nature spirits and their mission.The spirit of fire is termed as a salamander in many teachings, this knowledge is what creates our depiction the magical dragons and their relationship with fire. Salamanders are linked to tectonic and volcanic activity as well as the solar spirits. They emanate a yellowish golden color, with touches of vibrant orange. They do not have many defining features aside from their glowing head, eyes full of wisdom and wing like arms. The tail of a salamander is essentially a coil of energy. The lack of profile is a reflection of the nature of the Sun that constantly moving. Matter would not exist without the igniting of fire that happens in life. Salamanders are highly aware of their surroundings and often don't intentionally interact with animals and humans. They happily complete their duties with passion and a greater understanding of the grand design. Nicola Tesla was divinely connected to nature and had a deep connection to the fire elementals.”The fire elementals are also responsible for transmuting masses of negativity over the large cities on earth, without them crime would be much worse. These Nature Spirits can appear to the Whisperer as majestic beings appearing as a swirling, dancing flame. Fires and volcanic eruptions are some of the ways balance is brought back to Mother Earth when there is a widespread outbreak of anger among many people in a given area.” Natures element of air is the force that which produces the oxygen beneficiary for the survival of the plant, animal and human kingdom. The air element also corresponds to the mental plane, or mind. What we call natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, are actually just an upheaval of air that is bringing balance back to Mother Earth and her atmosphere by clearing out the build-up of negative energy. Air can essentially take on the roll of the janitor, cleaning up what is no longer serving a positive purpose. The Nature Spirits in-charge of the air element are referred to as sylphs or fairies. Paralda is the spirit that these air elementals work under, she is what you would call their queen. Sylphs guide the flow of air throughout the ecosphere and purify the pollution. You can tune into them on a breezy day as you observe the wind passing through the plants and trees. These elemental beings oxygenate each cell with prana, the life force energy that stems from spirit itself and sustains all things. Sylphs are seen as feminine fairy-like beings with a petite, human-like body and large transparent wings. These alluring beings do not belong to the fairy-like earthly spirits, they are actually the highest vibrational spirit within the the elementals. The air element corresponds to the mental level of existence, and thus the sylphs also have the job of purifying the mental plane. They are the conduit to which the mind of God meets the mind of man. These radiant spirits can be called upon when seeking inspiration and creative insight. They are the architects of nature, the beauty you experience within a tiny snowflake stemmed from the little hands of a sylph. There thin energetic bodies make it harder for us to see however you can tune into them through other senses.

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