• Trinity Michelle Anastasia


Updated: Dec 17, 2019

My heart

it trembles as my body shakes.

I feel the Earth start to quake.

Asking God, "please, take me away from this place."

And then suddenly,

I feel the hands of Grace,

holding me close in her warm embrace.

It was the moment,

where I chose to surrender,

that I suddenly felt a tenderness,

sharing with my third eye

an incredibly loving kiss.

And then I experienced bliss.

I slowly come out of hiding

and reflect the spirit residing,

deep within my essence,

guiding me into presence.

My inner-child is leading the way,

across the rainbow bridge,

encouraging me to authentically PLAY!

I start to sense...

a deep resonance

it illuminates my innocence,

shedding the reminisce

of what is no longer serving

my highest good

For those who are listening,

if you would...

close your eyes and see what lays.

Don't be shy, you're not gonna die...


and let source take you....

Stand tall like the statue of Gandi,

remaining strong as the wave pushes on.

Brothers and sisters,

do your best to remember

that you do belong...

and you have all along.

I am here with you now

and together we can turn this led into gold,

transmuting the old

to make way for what the Native Americans foretold..

would become of this Earth

when the warriors of light emerged


It's true my loves,

the wolves have returned....

here to take back the land

so that we may all stand together


Just like the Phoenix out of the fire and ashes,

A W A K E N I N G the M A S S E S

And so it is.

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