• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

Do you feel it?

Do you feel it? Can you sense this kind of shift?

It’s like a subtle drift flowing amidst the concrete jungle with ease and grace.

Calling for us to remember the truth buried deep within

our hearts before the lies

Forced us all apart.

It moves so lovingly and isn’t asking for much,

it’s the only request is for us to become in touch

with our own infinitely divine essence within

It is not demanding for us to worship any name title or belief system,

it is not asking us to become what we perceive as “perfect” in any way.

It knows that we already are & never judges us for the decisions we have previously made, the only real judge rears its head through the voice of our own inner critic.

So it’s time for us to acknowledge this voice... & to practice being compassionate with this voice, yet stern enough to understand that it is NOT your truth & it is not actually YOU.

It is a part of you, yes, but there is luminous energy that makes up your beautiful, wise, talented self.... is the one who watches the voices,

the one who silently observes all of the information

that is coming in & out of your consciousness.

You may have experienced a connection with this magical part of yourself,

it’s guidance is often a soft nudge... or a “feeling” of some kind..

Goosebumps, random urges to do something different or attend an event just because you feel the call... your mind isn’t really in charge during those moments,

it may even try to tell you to stay home or go to a dive bar instead..

but a true practice of mastery happens when you can learn to step into the flow..

& trust yourself, trust these sensations & feelings...

Let the voices carry on however they wish to &

maybe try being amused by these voices,

the same way you would be amused by a little kid acting out silly behaviors...

This vast marvelous Energy wishes for us to become free

from the suffering that our minds often force us to taste.

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