• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

Can you feel it?

I don’t know what I am

But I’m on this land

Reflecting a certain light

Holding on real tight

Yet surrendering is key

& so is learning to let it be

Despite all of the Haze

I remain in a sort of daze

Discovering different ways to remain


throughout this change

My body adjusting to frequencies

and feeling a kind of dis-ease..

Breaking apart so I can be put back together

Noticing every little sign & feather

the guides place along my path

As I do the math

I’m being shown what’s hidden from my entangled eyes

As to what is true and what are lies

I speak to be heard

& I rise like the Thunderbird

Scraping off the ashes

& taking all of the lashes

That society throws my way

Dearest friends, I’m here to say...

Find your way...

& trust the voice of spirit....

Shhh, listen....

can you hear it?

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