• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

Approaching a cage

Approaching a cage

Hello? Is anyone there?

Don’t be scared…

I come in peace

My body is a lease

for spirit to reside

here to share

that you don’t have to hide

I hear your screams

I experience your dreams

I feel your despair

I speak your prayers

As you shiver in the night

I’m the warrior helping you take flight

We no longer have to fight

my dear friend

this war is coming to an end

I’m going to approach your cage now

As I do, I humbly bow

to you, the child within my core

that wishes to soar…

What do you need to hear,

so you can drop your fear?

I’ll help you shed the buckets of tears

so that we can wipe off this dirty mirror

I placed you in this cage long ago,

so that you would be safe

while I stepped into the flow

and faced all of the traumas

we would undergo

Those dark days

where I would search for ways

to solely just survive..

These were shaping us

so that we could one day become whole

merging with our higher soul

to serve the ultimate goal

in favor of humanity

and all they’ll come to know.

Sweetheart, it’s time to release your grips

on these bars inside

I want you to be the guide.

Jump on my back

and together

let's unpack these walls

and let the ego fall

our legs become our roots

our heart is our map

so that we may bridge the gap

between heaven and earth

& welcome in this divine r e b i r t h

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