• Trinity Michelle Anastasia

✦ Am I alone in this? ✧


These waves of changes washing over our race,

forcing us to face what we've hidden from for so long

my physical body responds

understanding somethings going on

creating a stagnant energy that allows me to look inside

I look around the room and wonder if this is all real

according to my eyes it is, and similar to the mind our eyes often lie,

giving us an altered perception of time

the only thing I feel is real is the pulsing in my heart asking for me to heal

these endless dreams are showing me what is happening behind the scenes in my subconscious

wow this precarious nature

dropping all of the fear

shedding every single lost tear

feeling alone even when around others

wondering, do they feel it too?

We're ascending

and to do this

we must leave behind all that is unclean

It feels like I am being ripped apart from every angle/

I feel my wings beginning to appear

but first they have to tear through my skin

and clear out every part of the darkness

I want to wrap these wings around all of my brothers and sisters

if they feel even a small amount of this shift that I am feeling I wish to hold you in my arms and sing to your inner child

hush young one soon we will all s e e


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