• Trinity Michelle Anastasia


Updated: Mar 27, 2019

I Am Just

I am just this moment, this second in time. I am faceless, without despair. For this right here is not my moment, this right here is THE moment Where everything is as it it's supposed to be, without discontentment. Only within the depths of my soul can I truly ever be one within this moment                       right now..                              nothing else The smell of the air, the feeling of those movements as the wind pushes around my hair the sun shines for me All continuous energy. All connected and embodied to create this simulation of light and matter. Mind rules over all matter Thoughts create immanent things So ask me not what I am. Ask me in truth what I choose to be. 

I choose to be 

this moment alone... nothing more, nothing less. 

                                I am just. 

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